About Us

God called me (Celeste) to missions when I was nine years old. When asked why I wanted to give my life to Christ when I was becoming a member of New Hope Christian Church in Beaufort, SC, I replied “I want to help Jesus.” It was until more than 14 years later that I understood how I wanted to help Jesus though my service to Him and others. I know that God doesn’t need my help to do anything, but He has requested it all the same. He has given me amazing opportunities to be involved in the work that He is doing around the world.

While in Boston, MA, I realized I could use my gifts and talents to do His work. In 2000, I applied to be a missionary with Food for the Hungry (FH) and in 2002 I left for Bolivia. I have had various growth opportunities since joining FH. My current assignment is as the Project Coordinator for the Global Executive Office, the top ranking leadership structure in the organization. God has also blessed me by giving me my life partner, Joel. He is Bolivian and we serve together in Food for the Hungry from our home base in Carrboro, North Carolina.

I (Joel) had the chance to start working with FH my last year of college. It was an amazing experience to see how people in FH served with a high level of professionalism, while at the same time loving God with such passion. Bolivia is a very animistic culture (people worship created things, ie. the sun, land, etc.) and Christians can tend to separate their work from God. But in Food for the Hungry it was different. I had the chance to see the poorest people of my country and how they fight to survive daily. This touched my heart and I felt God’s call to the ministry. As was true for Celeste, God has also given me opportunities to grow in my profession, for which I am very grateful.

After serving both in Bolivia and Haiti, God has called us to serve Him and FH from North Carolina as of July 2012. We are blessed to continue using our gifts and talents for His Kingdom. Celeste will continue to support the leadership of the global organization, impacting thousands of lives. As Child-Focused Community Transformation (CFCT) Design Assistant, Joel is aiding in the development and implementation of a worldwide programmatic model to be used in more than 20 countries, impacting some 44,000 children around the world.

We are so excited about this ministry that God has given us and we would love for you to be part of it!



  1. Site looks great, Joel and Celeste. Thanks for serving.

  2. Thanks for sharing your hearts and serving with such passion commitment. I hope our paths cross again real soon..

  3. Cheri and I have been truly blessed to know you both and to have worked along with you in Bolivia. As with Joel, our passion is with the children. You are both doing amazing work for His kingdom. We count you as two of our closest friends. May God continue to richly bless you. We love you both…….a whole bunch!

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